Coaching in the Forest Walks


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Join our next forest coaching day! 


 Please note, I design these walks to be as accessible as possible to all fitness levels and to be easily accessible via public transport.

However, please check the itinerary before booking to ensure it is in line with your expectations.

All walks will start at 10 am and finish at 1 pm.

Click on the leaf image below for more info on the walks available at the moment

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 Most of us live over 90% of our lives indoors, detached from nature.

However, research demonstrates that spending more time outdoors - whatever the weather! - have beneficial effects on our mood, nervous system and bodies.

We are nature, and when we are outdoors we can rediscover this simple truth.

Being outdoors with no demands or responsibilities supports more creative and deeper thinking, and recharges our batteries to be more productive when we are back at our desks.

I have experienced this phenomenon in my own life, and since October 2022 when I held the first Green Gorilla Forest Coaching Day, I reaped as many benefits as the participants during a wonderful walk in Ashridge Forest.

Here is some feedback from the day:


"I wanted to say a BIG thank you for the Forest Coaching  Day. 

I really enjoyed it. Virginia had a good plan with different activities and was really good at being present in each moment, keeping the flow, the purpose of each task and really being there listening to us. Being in a small group was also great, helped to discuss individual challenges and little actions to focus on moving forward, considering the bigger picture. Virginia was enthusiastic, sympathetic and professional. I would do it again!"

- Anna


"I loved the walk, the contemplations, the exercises to review and discuss our thoughts and feelings regarding values and purpose. The joy for me was to finally connect with and own a value that has been percolating for years - ever since I joined WWF as a child and started supporting the Woodland Trust in my very first job.

My soul recognised 'unity with nature' as a long-held value that I hadn't owned. Now I do."

- Lynne


With these forest coaching walks we want to stimulate some deep thinking and feeling about our unique role in the climate crisis, reflecting on different themes inspired by the season, in a natural setting that will reconnect you with our precious planet.

We will use coaching tools, techniques and creativity to gently guide you through the day, reconnect and focus on how you can make a real difference in the world.

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Who is this for?


If you are concerned about the climate crisis, yearn for less stress and more connection and want to find your unique place in this complex ecosystem, then this is for you.

You can use these walks to work through an issue that has been bothering you, especially if connected to our set theme.

You don't have to be an expert in sustainability to join. We can all have a role in halting climate change and taking action, no matter the level of knowledge or skills.


What can you expect from the day?

The forest coaching days start at 10 am promptly at the agreed meeting point and finish at around 1 pm.

They will include:

  • A guided walk following a trail (approximately for 1hr - 2 miles: these are generally easy-to-moderate walks, but appropriate footwear and weather-proof clothes should be worn as the trails might get muddy in wet weather);
  • Group coaching focused on a theme;
  • Journaling (I'll bring some pens and paper, but feel free to bring your own);
  • Networking with some great likeminded people;
  • Getting creative with the natural materials we will find and/or with a camera (bring one if you have it or just use your smartphone).

Please make sure you allow plenty of time to reach your destination as we will start walking shortly after arrival and mobile reception can be patchy in some more remote locations.

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How much does it cost?

Join our next Coaching in the Forest Walk for £65 (incl. VAT) early bird | £85 (incl. VAT) standard price

Ready to book? Click on the leaf image below for more info on the walks available at the moment

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