Forest Coaching Walks

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With this 2023 series of guided walks in London and Hertfordshire, we want to stimulate some deep thinking and feeling about our unique role in the climate crisis, reflecting on a different theme each month, inspired by the season, in a natural setting that will reconnect you with our precious planet.

We will use coaching tools and techniques, and creativity to gently guide you through the day, reconnect and focus on how you can make a real difference in the world.

The walks will start at 10 am promptly and finish at 1 pm.

When Where Theme of the month Info on the walk
23/02/2023 Hampstead Heath Connection
23/03/2023 Battersea Park Renewal
20/04/2023 Six Woods Circular, Denham Action
25/05/2023 Epping Forest, Loughton, Essex Change
22/06/2022 Chess Valley from Rickmansworth Joy


What to expect from each walk?

An easy-to-moderate walk in various natural locations in London and Hertfordshire; group coaching inspired by nature and by the theme of the month; journaling and creative activities; networking.

Feel free to bring a camera or use your phone for a creative photography session.

Prior to the day, you'll receive some materials and suggestions to start your reflection, so that you can make the most out of our day together.