What do you do with the 50 hours plus you are not working every week?

If you are like any other human being, on average you sleep for 7 hours a day, work for 8, attend to your body's needs (like eating, washing etc.) for 2, and commute or do errands or housework for another 2. 

That leaves you with 5 spare hours a day.

Of course, you might have kids or parents to care for, and that might mean more hours attending to others' needs. Still, you probably have a few hours left for yourself.

[if you don't believe me, use this tool to check how many hours you spend every day doing your usual stuff] 

Add to these daily spare hours at least a few others over the weekend in which you do not work, and you have some 50-plus hours every week to play with.

You know you said you wanted to learn how to play guitar? 

You know that book you had in mind to write, but never seem to find the time?

You actually have the time. 

It's how you use it that makes the difference.


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