Working with your strengths  

And since we are talking about tasks and productivity... one element I am hyper-fixated on is personal strengths.

Surely you already know whether you are more creative than analytic, or whether you are happier with spreadsheets than people, but perhaps you have never looked at your full strengths profile.

I use strengths a lot in my coaching because, in my experience, they give you a snapshot of when you are at your best, going with the flow and enjoying your work - making it more meaningful and joyful. 

They provide you with confidence instead of focusing on your weaknesses and, in a team context, mapping a team's strengths and matching them with the workload will make that team incredibly productive.

If you are interested in learning about your personal strengths, you can take this free test. Then, I suggest you think about how much you are actually using them in your everyday life - whether at work or outside work.

And if you think your team would benefit from strength mapping... you are in luck because I offer just that! 

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