How interconnected are you with nature?

August is a month I never really liked that much. When I was a child, we would go on holidays in July, so August meant boredom lined with unpredictable summer thunderstorm weather.

Now, it means summer is nearly over and I need to brace myself for jumpers and a runny nose (not my favourite). 

But this year I am trying to give August another meaning, besides "the month that precedes autumn".

I'm making an effort to work only in the mornings and dedicate time to exploring the local natural reserves in my area with my youngest son, soaking up the last rays of sunshine, greenery and birdsongs.

Truth is, I'm not always feeling "one" with nature. 

Even as an environmentalist, it's hard not to feel like a separate entity from Mother Nature - given that I spend 90% of my time away from it.

This made me reflect upon this model, called Inclusion of Nature in Self. 

We *know* the advantages of immersing ourselves in and feeling part of nature: it makes us feel good and happier, it helps us love it and protect it more, it regenerates us and gives us fresh ideas... 

and yet, we don't do it enough.

Take a good look at the model and ask yourself: 

  • How interconnected are you with nature? 
  • How interconnected with nature would you like to be? 
  • What will you do to achieve this?


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