What's success for you?

As a purpose-driven individual, I'm sure you don't think about success in the same way Mark Zuckerberg does.

You might think less of money and more of work-life balance, or environmental goals you want to contribute to. 

Or you might reject the concept of success altogether since it carries some negative accents of greed, being ruthless and so on.

But success is a very personal concept and it doesn't have to be only driven by money.

You might want to be a stay-at-home parent and home-school your children;

Or you might want to live frugally so that you can retire early and dedicate yourself to voluntary activities;

Or, why not, you might want to earn enough to afford nice holidays and activities that make memories.

In any case, I invite you to think about what feelings you want to experience when you are successful.

As an example, I want to feel comfortable, free, happy, and fulfilled by a meaningful career that leaves a legacy. That's success for me.

If you can connect to the feelings you want to experience, your dream will be more likely to materialise, because you'll be emotionally involved in it and you'll more likely take the steps to make it happen.

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