How to prioritise your work (a simple method)

I have talked before about the Eisenhower matrix, which is a good way to distinguish between useless tasks and important/urgent ones.

However, sometimes we need something more snappy and practical. 

I was at a webinar a couple of months ago where Hailey Dawson, founder of The Blocks, shared this awesome (and super simple) method to work out your priorities. 

It blew my mind!

You only need a piece of paper and a pen.

 Fold the paper in eight as shown in the image, write on each segment a priority (up to eight), and then cut the paper along the folds.

Now, compare priority A with priority B: 

Which of the two will move you closer to your goals and is more in line with your mission/values?

If, say, it was B, then compare it with C, and ask yourself the question again. Whichever is the 'winner', compare it to the next one and so on, until you reach the ultimate priority.


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