The 12-Week Year

You know I'm always looking for the next productivity hack... and I am surprised I recently found one I didn't come across before.

The book The 12-Week Year teaches you how to be more productive in 12 weeks than others are in 12 months.

It's a deceptively simple mind-shift to go from hairy yearly goals to achievable and predictable 12-week goals. 

Yearly goals are usually not actioned until the bottom end of a year, or just started but never finished because the roadmap is too long and vague.

But if you think of every week as a month, you know every single day counts. 

So you pick the must-do major actions and tactics that can get you to amazing results to reach your goals and focus on those each week.

It takes a bit of planning, but once that's done, there is no more guesswork. 

You are a rocket fuelled by motivation and quick results.

Try it and see where that takes you!

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