Time compression challenge

If you only had three hours a day to work due to whatever circumstance, what would you choose to do?

I bet you'll be going through your endless to-do list and decide on the most urgent and important priority, maybe put a timer on and throw yourself into that piece of work.

Why don't you do it now, then?

Because you have more than three hours. 

Pleeeeenty of time for checking your emails, checking group chats, ordering something on Amazon, putting a load of laundry if you work from home.

My challenge for you this week is *to pretend* you have only three hours a day, pick one or two urgent and important tasks, and power through them, shutting down everything that is related to that task for the duration of the challenge.

At the end of the three hours, drop the pen or laptop (figuratively, of course), take a break then work on something else less urgent or important. 

This kind of "time compression" can be more productive than a full (distracted) day of work. 

Will you be up for the challenge? 

Let me know, and I'll keep you accountable!

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