Automation is your friend: taking notes

Somehow connected to the previous bit, I know how people in the sustainability/regeneration industry feel incredibly overwhelmed and overworked - especially if you are neuro-divergent, this can be a real issue.

Who has time for activism?

Now, this is not going to change your life but it might save you a few precious hours during the week, especially if you attend a lot of meetings and have to take lots of notes and transcribe them.

How can you automate note-taking?

(Thanks to my client Carrie - hi Carrie! - who asked me this question this week.)

Online meetings

  • If they are online meetings on Teams you can use the automated tool in Teams to transcribe (this is how).
  • With Zoom, you could use the new Summary AI tool (but it's not accurate and might miss some key things), or the transcript function (this is how).
  • also connects with Zoom and transcribes. Not so accurately I found, but better than nothing.

Face-to-face meetings

  • You could record the meeting on your phone. The Google Recorder app has a transcript option in it, which you can send to yourself at the end of the meeting.
  • You can activate the voice typing function on Google Docs from your laptop (this is how) and let it type out for you during the meeting.
  • You can try Google Lenson your phone to autodetect your handwritten notes then copy and paste the content into a Google Doc. I tried it and it works - in spite of my messy handwriting!

Not to be underestimated, try to focus on the most important things and actions to be remembered (not every single detail) and just take a few important notes.

Have I forgotten some tech that can help with this task? 

Let me know if so and I'll share that in a future newsletter!

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